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Natalie Watson

Natalie Watson


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During the hottest selling market in history, I found myself in a situation my family had to move. We didn't have the full cash upfront to buy a home outright, leaving us behind most of the people we were competing against. The process was extremely difficult as first-time home buyers. There were so many questions. Where do I start? How can I be competitive without a cash offer? What do I need to do to get approved for a loan?

Showings were difficult because we didn't know how much over the asking price to offer. Thankfully, we got creative and came up with strategic ways to negotiate and our offer was accepted out of several other offers – even though we weren't the highest. Finally, when we got to the final walk-through and closing, my husband and I did everything we knew to look for, but it wasn't until after we closed that we discovered things that were problems for us.

After experiencing the challenges of home buying personally, it made me want to become a Realtor® so that I could help others navigate home buying challenges. I want to help you every step of the way, seeing every detail in the process from start to finish. When you work with me, you will get a truly tailored experience in selling your home.

Fun facts about Natalie:

I have seven children, including one set of surprise twins. (We found out the day I was in labor!) They were over 7 pounds each, not sure how the ultrasound missed that!

I live in New Prague, MN but always said I never would. It turns out it is a truly special place to live. The small-town atmosphere is something I wish everyone could experience.

I am on the board for New Prague Home School Academy. I started this school with a few other parents that saw a need for a coop with a character-building focus while cultivating leaders.

 I love God with all my heart.  I trust Jesus is my Savior.  Life is hard. How does anyone do it without Him?

I'm feisty, fierce, determined, and an overachiever.

I am a Kaplan University Real Estate Graduate.

My husband and I run a family-owned and operated remodeling company.

I wish everyone in the world felt loved, seen, and known.

If there is one word I hear most often for people to use to describe me it is, 'thoughtful'.

Let's meet!

-The Thoughtful Realtor®

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I would love to meet you! I am passionate about building relationships with honesty and integrity while giving you an experience truly tailored, just-for-you.